Short Order Catastrophe (Covid-19)

Welcome to the days that changed the world.

This virus crossed all borders, entered our homes and broke into our bodies from the corners of our eyes without indifference. And when it came, it came fast and hard and dragged us from our lives. COVID-19 screamed through the streets of the world until we could witness its effects at the level of human consciousness. And with it came the knowledge that total annihilation was possible, and for a brief moment in human history, we felt it.

But governments stood tall and did the right thing. People belonged to each other again, they broke free from the lives they were cast in, self-importance stood down for the sake of the many, birds continued to sing and the nurses and doctors, those that were the best of us behind the masks, put in a call to all of our hearts, making us smile from the edge of our tears…..

COVID-19 is the greatest step forward in the survival of mankind.




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