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January 11, 2022

When I was young I wanted to leave home. I asked my mother if I could. She said ‘You’re only 13’

So I waited…. 

Meanwhile I learned to play the guitar and grew fascinated with what it was lyrics could do.

Later I ran away, fell in love and I wrote my first song. In geological time I don’t matter, but when writing music I become magic.

I started to sing and play in the city. Got political, ecological and romantic.

Won some awards and the local news, but they weren’t listening to me.

Fell off Main Street. Stood up. Changed my name. Grew a hat. 

The world shouted; life is in discovery.

Kissed her and magic coincided with children, wrote more songs.

In and out of recording studios until I parted with the company.

Took back my music catalogue. Life without intervention

Write, record, perform, produce my music, the way that I hear it.

Originality is that which you learn, but can never teach.

My life in 172 words and 172 songs!