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11th Commandment

March 11, 2020

And still we continue to be tormented by our ancient themes, war, greed and the production of unwanted children. But these, our basic characteristics were formed in the primitive wiring of our ancient brains, back in a time when our necessity to survive was the absolute and justifiable need of the beast. Yet we can still see why all these human traits, as frightening and damaging as they have been thoughout the the Human Epoch, were so necessary for the survival of our kind in establishing ourselves on Earth, where we were to become creative and enlightened.

In the modern era, we ravaged the planet not out of a primitive need for survival but instead to maintain a certain path of comfort and influence that in its relentless requirement forsakes all life on Earth.

And now, for the first time in human history it is the turn of the young to lead us into tomorrow; holding aloft and protecting this beautiful planet with all the magnificent privileges life has to offer. And as the young take on the parenthood of the planet, they will be endowed with nature’s ultimate evolutionary exception, the capacity to love something before itself. This is how we earn our destiny. This is what we have to offer. This is what we call love.

From the album 11th Commandment

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