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Makers of Love

January 4, 2019

Makers of Love Blog

 I write an album every year and have done so for many years. Music shuts me away in a room from where it will force me to find new ways to become free. And that shall be the expression. As a young man I had seen the poets and chalked my best upon the toilet walls alongside theirs. As I dissolved my youth, I wrote in defiance of any culture that binds us together to plunder our pockets and empty out our dreams. I was a brat with a guitar and an inner poet off the leash. But I turned fifty and my children started leaving. And it was from here that I wrote the ‘Makers of Love’ and it felt like falling in love from a great height.

And now after all these years of writing songs, this is what I have learned. Writing songs is easy, which is why there are so many; writing fine words is difficult, which is why there are so few.

So I submit this album ‘Makers of Love’ to the canon of my work.

Makers of Love.jpg